Book a self-drive van if you are doint it yourself and arrange to borrow or hire a removalist’s trolley and enlist the help on the day of as many pairs of hands associated with strong backs as possible. More packing if necessary. Arrange for final readings and disconnections of services such as gas, electricity and water and the telephone to suit your departure day and time on that day. Take rubbish to tip and unwanted goods in reasonable condition to charity depot or second-hand shop.


Notify doctor and dentist and ask for recommendations for health professionals in your new area and arrange for records to be forwarded to same.  Do same with your vet. Gather in shoes being repaired and dry cleaning. Release roots from pot plants which have grown into the ground. Cancel paper, milk and soft drink deliveries. Check that everything can be removed from the property.

The trees in tubs may have grown too large; an altered door height could prevent the exit of a piece of furniture.  Find out addresses and telephone numbers of all services and amenities your family will require in your new location. Check with the school for current reports. Return library books.  Start notifying the people and institutions in your change of address list.  Organise a cleaning firm to clean your new home before you more in.


Defrost the freezer. Empty anything with fuel in it, such as the lawnmover. It is against the law for removalists to move flammable or dangerous substances such as paint, bottled gas, kerosene or turps. Move these yourself or donate them to neighbours. Dismantle trampolines, gym equipment, swings, bunks and garden furniture.

Oil joints of outdoor items first in case they have seized up. Remove furnishings such as blinds and curtains which you are taking. Keep packing.  Buy small quantities of fresh food, have take-away meals or eat out. Consolidate your pot plants, group them in one part of the garden but out of the direct traffic path between house and drive. Phone removalist or van company again to confirm the arrangements. Return books and equipment to school and clean out school locker.


Do the last washing and dry it, drain inlet and outlet hoses and secure the washing machine. Remove batteries from portable appliances if the goods are to be transported overseas or go into storage. Defrost refrigerator and dry it thoroughly. Use a cooler for remaining food. Keep out the all clad tea kettle and tea and coffee-making equipment with a little food, a packet of strong garbage bags and last-minute cleaning equipment. Confine all this in a strong box, preferably wooden.

Finish packing except for bedding, current towels and tomorrow’s clothes. Ensure appliances are ready for moving. Personal computers and sound equipment is best transported in the boxes they arrived in. Did you keep them Inform post office and arrange for redirection of mail. There is a monthly fee for this service. M-DAY: Pick up van early, especially if it is a wet day.

Make sure everything has been loaded. Double check garden, balcony, all rooms and cupboards. Gather up the animals; cats are notorious at doing the disappearing trick on moving day. Install someone in the new house to receive the goods and direct them to their correct destinations. Ensure all services are disconnected, windows and doors are locked and taps turned off.  Attend to the hot water system if necessary; you may have to turn it off and drain it.

Why is it very important to you?


If you want to boil or to make tea, cocoa, soup, tea and much more within a short time then you must choose Glass Stovetop Whistling Teakettle. It is made of high quality and technique applied borosilicate glass with heat-reducer handle. Such modern and high technology used kettle has designed or style for the use on any kinds of stove. Furthermore it‘s classic style works perfectly with any kind of decor.


You may think where to find such modern and mostly preferred teakettle? I have answer to this question. You can get “the product” on market as well as in online. There are many commercial websites where such teakettles, sold with having support of extra clutter, using junk reducer assistance.

Headphones are altime companions of the music lovers. They generally cost high. But due to advancement of mdoern technologies, many brands have now marketted low cost headphones without disrupting the sound quality too much. Here is a list of best headphones under 100

dollars available in 2014.


AKG K451

akg-k451-4Price: 50$

This model has won the award of the Product of the year two times at a row. It is light in weight, comfortable to wear and produce superior quality sound. Besides the low price has made it more competence for the long run.

Audio Technica ATH-M50


This headphone is best for home purposes as it has long cable. The sound is correct to every details. The bass of this headphone is powerful and loud. The sound is easy to control and this makes this product worthy of your money.

 Beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE

BeyerdynamicDTX101iEPrice: 64$

This headphone of Beyerdynamic has won the prestigeous award in 2013 for its fantastic performance. They are easy to handle and deliver balanced sound. Yoiu can simply listem song of any genre with this beautiful piece. Besides, these are very light in weight. Youc an easily carry them any where you want.

Philips Fidelio S1


It is the first model of their Fidelio series. The sound is clean and balanced. The musics are so clear that you will feel loosing yourself with the melody. However, in the scale of service dynamic sound, they may not be the best but the price is justified by the quality. Besides, the design is stylish. This product is perfect for the one who does not care about the music so much.

RHA MA750i

rha-ma750i-inlinePrice: 90$

These products have longer durability. They offer the user a clear and accurate presentation of the osund. The bass is powerful and that is why it is recommended for the rock lovers. Besides, the design incorporates extra size os buids. So, if you do not have any problem and can carry plenty of buds, this product is perfect for you.

Sennheiser MM70

Price 70$

Senneheiser is one of the leading brands manufacturing headphones. It delivers well surrounded sounds. The sound qulity is high and best sense to your year. They are less fussy to wear, light in weight and easy to handle. The ear pads eliminates the surrounded sound upto some level so that you are not interrupted with the outside noise.

Sennheiser X320

Price: 70$

This serves the ebst as gaming headphone. The sound is detailed to every point and the surrounded performance are suitable for gaming purposes. This headphone is also incorporated with microphones to follow your instructions in case you need to give.

Sony XBA-2iP

Sony-XBA-2iPPrice: 100$

another mervolous creation of Sony uinder budget. It has won Award in 2012 for their excellent performance. Thsi headphone has three microphones incorporated in the design.

SoundMagic E10

Price: 35$

You will not find any list of headphones best in budget without this model of SoundMagic. It has won awards three times in a row for its best sound quality. You can named it as an alrounder. it serves all the respsctive fields very well. You can have all the facilieties all in only 35$.

So why you will go for an expensive one?

Coffee makerCoffee is one of the most popular drink that is popular all over the world. There are lots of flavors and each and every person has their own choice of flavor. Due to its popularity tehre are lots of growing coffee shops in the locality. But yup, having coffee ther everyday for a perfect cup of coffeeis really expensive. So, here comes one cup coffee maker. It is budget friendly. It will allow you to havbe perfect cup of coffee everytime. Yes, it can brew only one cup but as a single person, to use in office or in home, or in the hostel or even when you travel, this type of coffee maker is the best one.

So, here are the advantages of using one cup of coffee maker.

  1. Convenience: This is the simplest coffee machine. You can have coffee any time you want. You do not need to go out, stand in a line and buy your desired one. It saves your time and energy. Besides, the operation is easy. Only you have to add water and coffee. Besides, the design of this type of coffeee maker includes a stainless coffee mug. So there is no need to have extra mug. You can directly have coffee from the mug. So, it is convients for office purposes.
  2. Portability: This coffee makers are compact and less in weight. So, if youa re a coffee lover and also travels a lot, then one cup coffee maker is recommended for you. It will let you have a cup of coffee in the midnight in the hotel. Though many hotels have coffee maker but how could you know. So, it is safe to carry it with you. Just pack it into ints original box and take it wherever you are going.
  3. Creativity: You may have your personal chooice of coffee blend. You can create the flavor with your coffee maker. But, it is hard if you want to find that exact same flavor in any resturant. So, if you want to play with your creativity and love the taste of your blend only, then single cup coffee maker is suitable for you. Use this to creat your uniques blend.
  4. coffee-maker-4Frugality: Saving money is an important thing and buying a single cup coffee maker really allows you to save money. As due to the nature of business, obviously the coffee shop owners would love to make profit and thus charge an extra in every cup of coffee. But as you own a coffee maker and there is no other middle party, so in every cup you are saving some money. Besides, a good valued coffee maker will serve you for years. So, you can see it is worthy of your money.
  5. Easy cleaning : The cleaning of one cup coffee is really simple. It does not require time and your labor at all. Just add water and white vinegar into the coffee machine and run it for the copule of time. Then take out the water and add fresh water and again do the process for a couple of time. What it will do is that it will clear the odour of the vinegar. If you have the coffee maker that uses paper filter than just pull out the paper filter. ask anything Thats all for cleaning.
  6. Fresh coffee: The biggest advantage of having a single cup of coffee maker is that you can have your favorite coffee whenever you want. As a coffee lover, you obviousy cherish this facility.
  7. Entertainment: Making coffee with a coffee maker is fun. You get your choice of taste everytime. It brews coffee perfectly and gives you your desired beverage to fresh you up.

An air fryer is now a common buzz among the health concious people. This important kitchenware takes care of your nutrition Besides, the cooking is not complex rather it is quick and relaxing. You can enjoy your time with your family without any tension if you have an air fryer to cook food.

Morever, all of the air fryers, available in the market, claim that this product requires least amount of oil. So, you can save money of buying oil. Besides, it helps you to cut your calories and maintain cholesterol level in the blood. So, who does not love to have this product? It is quick, saves money and helps you to maintain diet.

best air fryerSo, here comes the qustion. How can you find the best air fryer

for you?

In order to answer this question, you need to know the techniques it used to cook and its feature. So that, you can compare and choose the best for you.

The air fryer manufacturing companies are now marketting air fryer of different price, styles and varieties. It will be wise choice for you to buy product of renowned brand. They may cost a little high but they assure you the quality. You may choose products from Philips, Kalorik or look into the articles written by trusted journalists, reviewers. You can consult with expert groups or experienced customers to find the best air fryer for you. If you are not satisfied with them, hope the following topics will help you.

Tips to choose the best air fryer

When you have pursuade yourself to buy an air fryer, you must consider the following points so that you can have the best deal available in the market.

  1. The size of the air fryer: Before buying the air fryer always consider the size you required. You need to think over the following things
  • The number of members of your family
  • How much space you have available in your kitchen

However, the air fryers available in the market are not of large sizes. Most of them are compact and will not require so much space. But it  will be clever to think of this pint.

  1. The capacity of the air fryer: All the air fryer are operated by electricity. Any kind of variances in the supply may cause the damage of the product. SOmecase, it may turn into hazardous situation. So think about it carefulle. However, most of the air fryer capacity ranges from 700 Watt to 1500 Watt.
  2. The features in the product: It will be very useful for you if the air fryer has a clear display control panel. You can adjust the time and the temperature easily and swiftly. Besides, some extra features will obviously help you. It may include preset function to cook meat, fish, fries etc. So that you do not need to memorize the different time and temperature for different type of cooking.
  3. best air fryerWarranty services: always consider the warranty service in case of purchasing any kind of electrical appliances. Consider the following points
  • The warranty period.
  • Do they offer any kind of home service ?
  • If there is no home service then how far you need to go for the service?
  1. The price of the air fryer: Though air fryer is recommended for everyone to have in their kitchen, it is still a costly appliance. Many consumer will not be able to buy it due to its overly price. So, you need to think whether you can afford it. If you think you are one of the ehalth concious people and need to take care of your cholesterol level and your family too, then you should not think of the price. By now, you have already know how it saves your money as you need to spend less to buy oil. Besides, let me tell yopu another intersting fact. An air fryer is a perfect replacement of a convection oven. It can grill, roasr and bake. cote d’ivoire So, you do not need to purchase all the different appliances. As a result, it is obviously a great choice.

However, you should know that there is basically no difference in technology and fuctions of air fryers available in the market. The above five points are the only distinguishing factors among them. So, concentrate on the above points to have the best air fryer for your kitchen.

Coffee maker is a very popular kitchen applianc that all the coffee lovers love to have. Even a non-coffee lover wants to have it for serving guest a perfect cup of coffee. Getting a parfetc coffee maker for your home is not an easy job. It includes your judgement on styles, preferences, price, features etc. Before you start your shopping you should make sure that you know everything and firm on what you want. However, standard drip coffee make is the best seller in the market. But there are other types of coffee makers available in the amrket. Each of them has diffeerent benefits to serve you.

In this article we are going to focus on the benefits of different types of coffee makers. For your consideration, the disadvantages are also included.

 Standard drip coffee maker

  • The regular size of the standard drip coffee makers are 4 to 12 cups. The most populars ahve the capacity of 10-12 cups. Though for a small family 4-6 cups coffee maker is perfect.
  • Its is also available in many sizes and styles.
  • Some of the models are expensive but they are the most economical one.
  • Some models have thermal or glass carafe with them. May of the are designed such that you can drip directly to a travel mug.


Electric-Percolator-Coffee-PotsIt was popular time ago. But recently, they ahve found back their way into the modern world.

  • They have limited options in terms of capacity and variety.
  • The coffee brewed is richer than the drip one.
  • If you love to percolate the coffee grounds during a long or short or whatever you want, you should have a glass percolator suitable for stove-top usage. In case, you want for common home usage, buy an electric one.
  • Non- electric stove-top procolators are best for camping purposes.
  • Large procolators can brew more than 12 cups in a single serving and famous for using in social events.

Pod, K- cup or other coffee makers for individual usage

These coffee makers have the capacity of making one cup coffee. The tea or coffee pod, K-cup or capsule are placed in the basket of the coffee maker and the wate is dripped through it from the reservoir.

  • The operation of these types of coffee maker is easy and effortless.
  • You can have various flavour choices.
  • They provide quick and clean serving of special types of coffees, herbal beverages, teas and lattes.
  • Some of the models allow the using of other companies capsules,

French coffee press

french-pressThey are one of the popular coffee makers which have been popular among the buyers for decades.

  • These are not designed for stove-top usage.
  • The water is poured onto the grounded coffee in the Press
  • The coffees are made before the serving.

Moka pot

They are the most popular in Europe and Latin America. It is a small stove pot which was invented by Bialetti.

Espresso and speciality coffee machines

 They are the expensive ones and can make variety of coffees such as they can brew cappucino, espresso or lattes.

  • They hav ethe features of the common coffee makers.
  • Allow you to have special types of coffee even you are at home.
  • A cheap option of having special types of coffee.
  • Some of these types of coffee machine can also brew regular coffees which make it a versatile product.
  • They have various variation in their design.
  • You should consider the folllowing things in case you want to buy this type of coffee makers; size, serving capacity, type of brewings and functions.
  • Many of this types of coffee makers have frothers.

food processorFood processor is one of the most important appliance that you need in your kitchen. It can slice, it can dice, it can chop up onions in a second. This is another multi tasking device which allow you to perfporm a lot of kitchen work within a minute. And thus it reduces your time in kitchen and allow you spare time to spend for yourself. If you do not have a food processor yet and thinking that it is better to do manually, I would suggest please read the following things.

Here I have enlisted 10 ways to use a food processor.

  1. Make the puree of soup and sauces: This is an amazing service provided by a food processor. You can make a wide range of sauces if you have this kitchen appliance. Soup making is also very easy.
  2. Prepare salsas, dips, pestos and spreads: The food processor can chop and dice. It slices so accurately and according to your measurement. So, it can do all the chopping and grinding required in your recipe. Thus, it makes your cooking more easy and less time consuming.
  3. Make your own pasta dough: Making pasta dough with a food processor is so easy. Mix the right proportion of flour, egg and water. Switch on the food processor. It will do all the hard work that you have to do before. You will obviouly get amazed seeing how perfectly it kneads the dough. You just need to knead the finishing work.
  4. Meat grinding: Thisnis the cheapest way to grind your meat. Just chop them into pieces and put them in a refrigerator until the edges of the emat are stiff. Then place these freeze meat into the food processor. Turn on the machine.
  5. Make homemade mayonnaise: Its is uper easy. You can enjoy fresh mayonnaise every time.
  6. Grinding nuts: The chopping accuracy of a food processer is appreciable. So, if you have some nuts to grind, use the food processor. It will cut to the perfection. Compare the finished product with the one done manually. I believe you can see the difference.
  7. homemade peanut butterMaking nut butter: Who does not love peanut butter? Or other nut butter? It is a great complimentory with bread, fries, sandwiches etc. You can make fresh nut butter eveytime. And believe me the fresh thing taste best.
  8. Grinding whole grains to have flour: Among all the other processes, this is the least perfect task that you can do with your food processor. The flour may not wothy of satisfaction. But there are some super quality grain availble in the market. If you use those, you will get amazing result.
  9. Make bread crumbs and cookie crunch: Bread crumbs and cookie crunch are really important ingredients two make some unique ad delicious dish. If you want to have perfect crisp on the outside of your chop or kaba, using bread crumb will be your first choice. Besides, in case you want to make a cheese cake, you need to make a cookie base to jold the cake. You can easy avail these two ingredients if you have food processor.
  10. Shredding cheese: Shreddin large amount of cheese requires very hard work. But with a food processor, this work is so easy.

So, you can see how a food processer can save your time. All the hard labor you were going to do to prepare the food ingredients to cook are now done by this machine. Besides, it cuts with perfection and accuracy. So, why should you not buy a food processor? Ask yourself.

Food ProcessorFood processor is an electric kitchen applaince that can chop, clice, grate or even knead. It reduces you time in preparing food.  All the food processor have the main three components. They are

  1. Working bowl
  2. Blades
  3. Motor

It usually have three buittons; on, off and puls. Many food processors have the scale to measure the weight of the ingredients. So that you can cook your meal with perfection.

A popular and important piece of tool

Food processor has become an important piece of tool of your kitchen. At first, it was manufactured for the the chefs and profeesionals in commercial kitchen to cook more quickly by reducing the preperation time. As the days passed, the life becomes more busy. People started to realize the importance of having a food processor in the kitchen. This way they gained popularity within a short period of time. To meet u the increasing demands, the manufacturers increased the production rate, the prices got low and any medium  earned family can own a food processor.

This imprtant machine saves your kitchen time by helping you at the preperation and also protects your hand from any kind of bruises. It keeps your hand, lower arms and wrists strain free.

Powerful and effective

Food ProcessorMost of the food processer are operated by electricity. Typically power consumed by a food processor ranges between 500-1200 wattage which supplies enough power to slice the toughest food. The motor is placed onto a base and the design is one such that least amount of noise is heard. Further, the motor rotates a metal shart to spin the blades or disc so that they can cut all the ingredients inside the bowl.

Most of the food processor have only two sped options; low and high. Some gitech food processor will aloow you to have the pulse feature. This feature enable you to control the rotation of the rotation of the blades.


There are many available sizes of food processors in the market. The bowl sizes ranges from large, medium and small.

  • Small or mini size food processer generally can carry two to five cups of ingredient.
  • A medium or compact carries between five to seven cup
  • A lorge or full sized bowl has the range between seven to fourteen cups.

Most of the bowls have markings on them which indicates the measurement of cups. Some opf the manufacturing company giv ethe customer to have rechangeable bowls.

In case of buying a food processor, medium size is hugely recommended. It may cost a  little but the advantages are enormous.


Food processor may implement various attachment to supplement its performance. A feed tube will be very useful to pour the food ingredients into the food processor and a pushing rod to force the food along the tube to the bowl.

Besides various collection of blades is a mujst to amke your food processor more versatile. However, the most common shape of blade is shape., It comes with the processore so you do not need to buy. But there is other type of blades such as blunt blades which in case you may need to buy for having more options. Besides, it will be very helpful to have a plastic spoon. SO that you can stir or seperate dough from the blade when needed.

Advantages of  a food processor

  • Make your own baby food: The biggest advantage of having a food processor is that youc an make food for your baby by your own. It saved money of buying jar foods and as the baby is taking healthy and fresh food, he gets healthy.
  • Pureeing blades help you to make fresh pouree and sauces to cook.
  • You can make meshed foods sucha s meshed potatoes, bananas, squashes etc to feed your baby.
  • Saves you time by doing all the preperations.
  • It dices finely and uniformly that the food requires the same time to cook for every portions.

Rica cooker has enabled us to cook rice mroe easily. No matter which type of rice you use, you will get perfect texture every time, if you cook in a rice cooker. It is economical and compact in size. So it does not take a lot of space to install. You can also carry it with you in a picnic. It is so light in weight.

However, if you want to buy a rice cooker, you need to consider the following matters

  1. size you need
  2. capacity of the rice cooker
  3. features and functions of the rice cooker
  4. your budget

By considering each and every point you will be able to have the best rice cooker for you. This article will guide you to choose the best rice cooker with great features.

Components of a rice cooker

Component of rice cookerIf you have bought rice cooker before or know very well about them, you must have known that all the rice cooker have the same components. Many rice cookers have rice paddle to stir and measuring cup. Some also have removable liner.

Besides, many rice cooker implements temperred glass so that you can check on the rice. The lids of the rice cooker sealed the inner chamber perfectly. So there is no leakage of flavor and moisture and you will have rice cooked perfectly.

Further, if you want to steam the vegetables with the rice cooker, consider buying one which has streaming tray in the design.

Features of a rice cooker

Panasonic SR-DE103 rice  cooker-To learn how to buy a rice cooker, you need to know all the features a rice cooker provided you. So that you can get the best within your price. You can find many rice cookers in the amrket now. As the demand is increasing, the manufacturing company is including more and more features in the design to provide you more cooking options.

Only you have to do is pour the rice and push the button.

Here is a brief discussion on the features of a rice cooker that you need to know before buying.

  1. Size of a rice cooker: You obviously can not cook for 10 people in a 3 cup rice cooker. Is it? that is why you need to select the size first. You have to decide what you are going to cook and the amount of ingredients before choosing a rice cooker.
  2. Settings of a rice cooker: Youc an call a rice cooker best if it is easy to operate and cook perfect rice in every batch.Now-a-days, many rice cookers have the option to cook brown rice, oatmeal, porridge, sushi rice etc. Many includes setting to amke delicous deserts. You can also bake cake along wth rice.
    Further, many rice cookers have now delay timer setting. With this feature you can set up the time when you need to start the cooking. The rice cooker will cook at the exactly same time. Besides, there are lots of beneficiary features that ease your cooking experience. You may have a cooker with LED display panel so that you can see the temperature and the time even if it is dark.
  3. Removable cooking pan: One of the very important thing in case of buying a rice cooker is to select the model with the best cooking pan. Select the one which will provide you a nonstick pan. It will retrain you from trouble at the time of cleaning. Besides, the rice will not stick to the pan. It will be ebtter if you choose the one which is dishwasher safe.
  4. Multi cooking options: MUlti cooking option makes the rice cooker versatile and helps you out in many cases. Itis economicala nd healthy. YIf you do not have lots of money to buy different appliances for different cooking, then a multi cooking rice cooker is a best option for you.

Air fryer is a name of recent technology that has been providing you a a way to maintain nutrition of your food since its invention. It uses heated air to cook food and about 70-80% less oil, in some cases no oil, to cook the food. It will give you the same taste of deep frying. However, air fryer is not for cooking french fries only. It can cook a wide range of ingredients so that you do not miss your nutrition by any chance.air_fryer

Versatility of air fryer

The following two reason proves the versatility of an air fryer.

  1. The air fryer manufacturing companies claim that their products are capable of not only frying but also roasting, baking and grilling.
  2. Whether you want to cook raw food or frozen food, the air fryer does a brilliant job. It can cook any type of food ingredient.

All of these, combinedly, defines the versatility of the air fryer.

Cook frozen food with an air fryer

Air FryerYou can cook frozen stuff which are suitable to cook in the oven, perfectly with an air fryer.

  • You can make french fries, fish sticks, nuggets etc faster with an air fryer than your big size oven. In addition, zero usage of oil will allow you to maintain your diet without compromising the taste. So, if you compare it with th deep fried foods, you will obviously find reasons to have an air fryer.

Further, french fries has become an important part of the American diet. Cooking french fries in a deep fryer means the use of lot of oil and very unhealthy food without any nutritional value. In this case, air fryer does a perfect job. Though it will take more time than the deep fryer, about 12 minutes maximum, it will give you crispy and moist french fries with no oil.

  • Besides, it takes almost 15 minutes to cook fried fish and chips. You just need to shake the food in the halfway to ensure even cooking and more even brown color at the outside surface of the food.

Cook raw meat with an air fryer

You can also cook whole chicken or pork in the air fryer. It will take almost 30 minute to cook a whole chicken at 360 degree farenhite. Besides, you will have crispy skin roasted pork. So do  not be afraid of the type or food quality.

On the oher hand, the Philips brand has marketer a specialy designed grill pan to use inside the fryer. So that you can grill your meat patties, steaks, burgers, fish fillets, lamb chops etc fastly wihout compromising the taste.


Cook vegetables with the air fryer

You can also roast or grilled your reqular vegetables in the air fryer. You may use the grill pan in this purpose too. Even the latest technology air fryer, Tefal Aclifry, can cook green vegetables such a way thta you will feel that they are cooked in the stove. This is possible because of the implementation of ceramic bowl with stir paddle into thhe design. The paddle spins slowly and stie the food to cook them evenly.

Bake cakes, muffins etc with the air fryer

The Phillips air fryer also markets an optional accessory, a non-stick baking dish, to bake small items such as custards, muffins, lasagna, quiche, bread or a small cake.  You can also use this dish to cook curries or casseroles. It increases your cooking experience.

Roasting nuts

Another amazing facility that air fryer provides is that you can also roast peanuts, almonds, walnut, in a word, any type of nuts. It will take almost 10 minutes to roast peanuts and almonds and 5-8 minutes in case of walnuts. It is easy and there is no chance to burn the nuts. Besides, it is also faster than the oven.

Wet batter coated food

It is not a good option to cook batter coated food in the air fry as there is a lot of possibilities that the batter will be blown away by the hot air and creates a mess. However, some customization can be done.

First, cook the batter coated food in the pan and then finish it in the hot fryer.

Second, you can have them coated with a thin layer of flour and a tablespoon of oil followed by breadcrumbs and then dirctly into the fryer. It will have nice crunch outside.

By now you may have understood that you can practically cook anything with an air fryer. You can also use your creativity to cook something innovative , delicious and obviously healthy food.